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Things to NOT DO when applying for a job 02/18/2016

When applying for jobs online or in person, employers expect you to know your employment history including dates of employment, job titles and company information for each job you've held.

Dress Inappropriately
Don't wear jeans or shorts, tank tops, crop tops or anything too low cut(cleavage is not a good thing when you're job searching) or too short. Make sure you're not showing too much skin i.e. your belly should not be showing.Don't wear spike heels, platforms, flip flops, or your favorite pair of old ratty sneakers. It is always important to be neat, tidy, and well-groomed and to present a positive image to the employer.


Forget Your Resume
When applying for jobs in person and when interviewing, bringing extra copies of your resume is a good idea. Also, consider bringing your transcript as well if you're interviewing for an academic-related position.


Keep Your Phone On
Filling out a job application or an interview isn't a place to sneak in a few texts. If your phone is constantly beeping or ringing, it creates a very distracting environment and reflects poorly on you. So, make it a priority to turn your phone on silent and stow it away in your bag or pocket.


Walk in with your Earphones and Your iPod Playing.
Although you might be dying to catch the end of your favorite song, put your iPod away before you walk in to  apply for a job or go on a job interview.


Bring Food or Drink
Plan ahead and grab a coffee or other beverage or a snack before or after your interview, because it isn't professional to eat or drink during your interview.Finish (or throw out) your coffee or food before your interview.


Bring Your Parents or Friends
You should go to apply for jobs and go to job interviews alone, so don't bring your parents, your friends, or your boyfriend or girlfriend. If you're applying for a retail job and you're with friends have them wait outside the store or elsewhere. The only time this would not apply is if you and your friends were applying at a company that was hiring for several positions.


Act Unprofessionally
No matter how difficult your job search is, make an effort to greet your interviewer kindly, and be active and engaged during the interview process. Be outgoing and positive, even if you don't feel that way.


Be Upfront About When You're Available
When you know it's feasible for you to work, be honest with your prospective employer. You don't want to end up taking on more hours than you can handle or commit to a schedule that won't work out, inconveniencing both yourself and your employer.

Don't Be Late

Show up on time, it's not a good sign to an employer when you show up late for an interview.


Attendance bonus winner for November! 12/04/2015

A big shout out to Sean Van Steijin our November attendance bonus winner. 

ROE's 11/19/2015

Record of Employment – An Employer's Responsibility


Istock 000002306439xsmallThe Record of Employment is a record of insurable earnings and hours for employees who leave your business for any reason or experience an interruption in earnings, such as maternity, parental or adoption leave. This document must be filled out within a specific time frame and passed along to the departing employee and to Service Canada.

The responsibility of issuing a Record of Employment falls to you, the employer, as it is used to determine:

  • The individual's eligibility for Employment Insurance benefits
  • The amount of the benefits
  • How long the individual can receive the benefits

When you provide timely, accurate information on the Record of Employment, you help prevent employment insurance fraud and protect the system. The deadline is strict: the record must be filed online or given to the employee within 5 days of the interruption of earnings.

There are two ways to prepare a Record of Employment: online and on paper. Each method requires a different lead time, so it is good to plan ahead. If you order the forms by phone from Service Canada, they will be mailed to you within 4 – 10 business days, depending on your location. However, if you prefer to use the ROE Web program, a designated representative from your company must register in person at a Service Canada Centre before receiving an activation code to be used online. This process could take up to 20 days, but only needs to be done once.


Congratulations Carlington Henry! 11/09/2015

Carlington Henry is our attendance draw winner for October. He will be receiving a $50.00 bonus and is eligible for our $200.00 Christmas draw. Keep up the good work and congratulations again from all of us at Martin Staffing.

Congratulations Jane! 11/02/2015

Jane Martin has been elected to the Board of Directors for the Red Shoe Society. The Red Shoe Society is a group of young philanthropic leaders who raise awareness, funds and support for the Ronald McDonald House. Jane is active in fundraising and will Chair the 2017 Scarlet Ball as well as being the Vice Chair for the 2016 event.


So you're freaking out about starting a new job 09/30/2015

Starting a new job can be wicked exciting, as well as extremely terrifying. You’ve decided it’s time to walk away from your old job, and are saying goodbye to your comfort zone. It’s exciting! It’s cool! It can also be really stressful. Bu don’t worry about it: You’ve got this. Here are some quick things that will help you be all you can be in your new gig.

Start small

Instead of overwhelming yourself immediately with a 20-year plan in your new position, try setting up some tiny,totally achievable goals. Like “today I will figure out where the restroom and break room are” or “I’m going to learn three new co-workers’ names.” That way you can accomplish things without feeling like you immediately need to advance to upper management. You’re cool. It takes everyone some time to orient themselves.

Think about long-ish goals within the first couple weeks

After you’ve learned the lay of the land, you can start thinking in terms of things you might like to do at your new workplace. Maybe that’s seeing a six-month project all the way through.Maybe that’s talking to your manager about a new organization system or a new avenue for your work. Long-ish projects are a good way to track how you’redoing in your job, and to help you through periods where you’re not feeling as inspired (happens to us all!). You can ask your co-workers about their long-ish term goals, too, to get a sense of where you should be aiming.

It’s totally cool to have a learning curve

No matter how big of a rock star you were at your last job, you are in a new place now, and it’s OK if you aren’t immediately at the same place you were. The new company has different practices, habits and probably an entirely different company culture. You probably won’t know all you need for quite some time. Be patient with yourself while you’re learning the ropes. It’s cool

Remember that making work friends takes time

It’s not easy walking into a new company and making friends. The folks around you have worked together for a certain amount of time and have had opportunities to bond and establish friendships. Keep in mind that it’s not instant, and networking and establishing connections are things that evolve over time. But it totally will happen.

Even Steve Jobs had a first day

Your new team and boss do not expect you to come into the company and start running the show. Even if you are brought in to the company at a high level, you are given a grace period to learn the background on your group or program, and to fee lout the way things are run. In time they will expect you to step up and make changes, but definitely not day one.

As a basic rule, many managers say you have about four months to get acclimated before you are expected to produce anything. So just like a student on the first day o fschool, come to work excited and ready to absorb all the information that’s about to be thrown at you.

Most of all,keep your chin up. The first six months to a year of a job are probably more stressful and less exciting than we first anticipate. Remember that your team and manager are ecstatic to have you. They were impressed with your skills and they hired you out of a big pool of people. You’ve got this.


Welcome to our new site 07/30/2015

The all new Martin Temporary Staffing website is officially live! Stay tuned for updates and much more including some new features coming soon! Give us a shout, we would love to hear from you.

Heat Stress 07/30/2015

Heat stress can happen to anybody, regardless of how fit or how old you are. 

  • The hotter or more humid the environment, the harder your body must work to get rid of its excess heat.
  • When humidity is high, sweat does not evaporate as quickly and has little cooling effect.

    Consider the Following Types of Control for Your Workforce

    • Caution employees and assignment employees to avoid direct sunlight when outdoors.
    • Provide cool drinking water near workers & remind them to drink a cup every 20 minutes or so.
    • Assign extra assignment employees or slow down the work pace. 
    • Advise them to wear light summer clothing (where suitable) to allow air flow. Vapour barrier clothing significantly increases the amount of heat stress on the body.
    • Educate employees and assignment employees on how to recognize the signs and symptoms of heat related conditions. 
    • Start a buddy system, as people are not likely to notice their own symptoms.


    Ways Your Client Site Can Reduce and Control Heat Stress:

    ·         Schedule hot jobs for cooler times of the day. 

    • Reduce the temperature and humidity through air cooling.
    • Provide air-conditioned rest areas if possible.
    • Increase air movement by providing fans.
    • Reduce the physical demands of work tasks with mechanical devices.
    • Increase the frequency and length of rest and water breaks for workers to hydrate.

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